AGENDA #8 – August 16, 2023 at 6pm – Council members and public in person and Online Meeting
1. Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call – Honorable Members of Village Council
2. Invocation by Councilwoman Helen Borland
3. Approval of Meeting Minutes of Regular Meeting July 19, 2023
4. Approval of Department Monthly Reports (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Zoning) for July 2023
5. Recognition of Department Heads (Police, Fire, Zoning and Street Dept.)
6. Fiscal Officer’s Report and approval of expenditures
a. Bills in the amount of $
6a. Finance Committee report – No meeting was held
7. Mayor’s Report on Daily Business
a. Update on Downtown Revitalization Project – Money raised to date $310,252
b. Update on Project list
c. Dennison Skate Rink donations and advertising. Received $20,000 grant from Rosenberry. Total raised $107,708.57; Goal is $121,465.11. We are at 88.67% of goal. Balance remaining to raise $13,756.54
d. Moose donation money to go toward Dennison’s Love Tusc Sculpture $706.71
e. Dennison Depot – 10 trash cans @$9,998.50 and 10 benches @ $18,125.15
f. Thornwood CDBG Sidewalk project update – Final and only payment from the Village $27,470.57
g. Update on Village Boiler System

Old Business:
1. Application for Ohio Public Works N. 1st Street Paving and sidewalk project from Blain to Wilson Sts.
New Business:
1. Hire George Flanagan as a Part-time Firefighter/EMS
2. Need to replace 3 or 4 sections of sidewalk beside Village Hall at the N. 3rd St. entrance before installing handicap ramp.
3. Request to close McCook from Jewett to Johnson for a Labor Day block party
9. Ordinances and Resolutions

10. Committee Reports/Council person’s reports
No committee meetings have been held since July 19, 2023
Adjournment – Next meeting is Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 6:00 pm


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