Revenue, distributions, tax budget and appropriations, purchases and audits

Mike Clark – Chair
Helen Borland
Vikki O’Hara

Buildings, Grounds & Parks
Maintains village properties and equipment, works with groups using village properties, maintains long term plans for park facilities and buildings, grant application.

James Dickey – Chair
Kene Edwards
Vikki O’Hara

Human Resources, Rules & Insurance
Human resources policies and procedures, rules of council, group benefits and property insurance.

Mike Clark – Chair
Helen Borland
Vikki O’Hara

Public Safety
Enforcement of laws, enhancement and promotion of safety issues, operational policies, safety and fire hazards, lighting recommendations, garbage collection, mosquito control and sanitation.

Tracie Bolitho – Chair
Jim Dickey
Kene Edwards

Streets, Alleys & Storm Sewers
Sidewalks, street lights, trees, paving, construction and maintenance of roadways and parking lots, storm sewers, liaison with ODOT on projects, long range planning, coordinate with Twin City Water and Sewer.

Helen Borland – Chair
Tracie Bolitho
Jim Dickey

Economic Development
Business and economic development, listing and promotion of available commercial property, village demographics.

Vikki O’Hara – Chair
Kene Edwards
Mike Clark

Zoning Planning Commission and Appeals Board
Hear and issue determinations of appealed zoning decisions.

Scotty Jones – Chairman
Tabatha Crawshaw – Acting Chairman
Mark Mitchitell
Charlotte Sayre
Greg Garbrandt
Kene Edwards
Mayor Greg DiDonato

Additional Appointments:

Mayor Pro Tempore: Helen Borland

Union Cemetery Board: Helen Borland

Twin City Chamber of Commerce Board: Mayor Greg DiDonato and Helen Borland

Dennison Depot Board: Mike Clark

Dreamsville USA Association: Mayor Greg DiDonato

Regional Planning Board: Jim Dickey and Mayor Greg DiDonato

Friends of the Twin City Parks, Trails and Waterways: Kene Edwards

Twin City Water and Sewer Board: Carl Menapace (Council appointment, expires 9-1-2021), Nathan Davis (Mayor appointment, expires 9-1-2023)