Landlord Registration Form

Landlord Registration Form

Effective August 20, 2020   Every person owning a non-owner occupied dwelling, whether dwelling is occupied or not, shall register in accordance with the ordinance.  A $10 registration fee must be paid to the Village of Dennison when reporting a new resident to the property, no fee is charged to report a vacancy.  Registrations will not be affective until the $10 registration fee is paid.  Payment will be processed online or checks can be mailed to Village of Dennison, Zoning Dept. 302 Grant Street, Dennison, OH 44621 or cash paid at the office.  Thank you!

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  1. If this form is being completed to change/update information, only the information which needs changed or updated must be filled in.
  2. Providing false information, failing to update changed information, or failing to provide information which is easily accessible is a criminal offense.
  3. Violation of any provision Ordinance No. 2383, a copy of which is attached hereto, shall be a fourth (4th) degree misdemeanor on the first offense, a third (3rd) degree misdemeanor on a second offense, and a second (2nd) degree misdemeanor on a third offense.