Statement from Mayor Greg DiDonato about open meetings in Dennison effective July 1, 2021

Public in-person council and committee meetings are scheduled to begin effective July 1, 2021. As Mayor of the Village of Dennison I have great concern because of the low vaccination rate in Tuscarawas County, the delta variant and the village’s small council room that would all pose risks to our council members, employees and the public.

Because the open meeting law requires that the public should see and hear the meeting proceedings, the room will be open to spectators. But in order to reduce the risk, there will be no public speaking during the meeting, in person or online.

Our online access and call-in options to the meetings will continue to be offered as we have done throughout the pandemic. An online link will be posted on our website, in the newspaper and on our Facebook page for each council meeting and committee meeting.  

Committee meetings will still meet in person with public access and public speaking due to the smaller group of individuals required to conduct the meeting and allow for safe distancing. Announcements will be made when those meetings are scheduled.

Any comments or statements from the public may be submitted in writing before the meeting by e-mail at [email protected], mailed to Village of Dennison 302 Grant St. Dennison, OH 44621, presented to any council member or me at my office at any time outside of the regular council meeting time. 

The Village Council meetings are always held on the third Thursday of each month at 6:15 pm. The building will continue to be locked and the intercom system can be used to contact someone inside to conduct business with the village on a day-to-day basis.  The front door will be open for the time of council meeting to allow participants to enter.



Mayor Greg DiDonato